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Fashion Research Coordinator of the Inexmoda Fashion Lab

Fashion Designer of the Colombian Collegiate. Her work experience has been focused on different companies in the sector, but she was also an independent designer of her brand: Local People.

She has been a teacher in the career of Fashion Design and Costume Design in Collegiate and the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, respectively.

Her process at Inexmoda started as outsourcing in Street Vision Research, then she continued as Fashion Analyst and is currently the Research Coordinator of the Fashion Lab.

catalina rendon

Director of Communications Inexmoda

Social Communicator and Journalist, specialist in Marketing of the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana and Master in digital business. Passionate about the digital field and Public Relations. Additionally, he has completed several courses, seminars and courses related to marketing and fashion.

He was a journalist for the newspaper El Colombiano and the National project on Children, promoted by the NGO Save The Children; He is also a lecturer and lecturer in Public Relations, Web 2.0 and Corporate Communication at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, the Colegiatura Colombia and the Universidad EAFIT.

She is currently the Director of Communications at Inexmoda, and is responsible for making the brand visible and ensuring that strategic decisions are evident to clients, implementing the best practices to impact it.

Juan Diego

President of RADDAR and Director of the Inexmoda Fashion Observatory- RADDAR

Political scientist in processes of finishing his Master in Marketing, he is a university professor and his knowledge focuses on consumer issues, brands, digital channels and market research. He is currently President of RADDAR and Director of the Inexmoda-RADDAR Fashion Observatory.


Fashion Analyst at the Inexmoda Fashion Lab

Graphic Designer and specialist in Strategic Design and Innovation at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana-UPB. He has several degrees and courses in Brand, Marketing, Consumer, Fashion and related areas.

He was a teacher in the Graphic Design career of the UPB and for more than 10 years his work experience has been concentrated in companies in the sector. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Neuromarketing and Market Research.

juliana pelaez

Director and founder of Tendencial Coolhunting Lab

Biologist of the University of Antioquia and Fashion Designer of the Colombian Collegiate of Design. He has a Master’s Degree in Consumer Behavior from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana de Medellín and his extensive experience is in the field of research, analysis and teaching.

Diana Cristina

Director of Studies in Tendencial Coolhunting Lab

Sociologist from the University of Antioquia with Master’s Degree in Consumer Behavior at the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana de Medellín, she is currently the coordinator of this program.

His experience also includes work in curricular design and teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in several universities, where he works in areas of Marketing, Advertising and Design, with subjects on the human dimensions of consumption.

zoom al consumidor

Impact of macro trends on the global consumer.

By: Maite Cantero – Learn more here

The Macrotendencias, a concept to understand how from the thinking and later from behavior, people identify with new options that must be identified, in order to design strategies and creative processes consistent with their needs.

The new digital consumer gaming rules

By: Catalina Rendón J. – Learn more here

A hyper connected consumer, with access to all the information and answers to their questions, demanding, and in search of experience where brands adapt to their tastes, needs, emotions and personalization; that is the digital consumer, who today has the world a click away and that thanks to the opportunities of the digital ecosystem, has a voice that puts itself at the level of the same brands taking them to glory or ruining them.

Here, you will learn about the modern contexts in which this consumer lives’ Smart’ and some recommendations to take advantage of the opportunities that brands bring to an informed and interested consumer style.

Consumer generations:

By: Juan Diego Becerra – Learn more here

A look at the different generations of consumption existing in Colombia will be provided, together with the challenges and challenges that arise from there.

Mental styles of the Colombian consumer

By: Maite Cantero (Learn more here) and
Luisa Fernanda Hainaut (Learn more here)

According to the mental styles found and identified in the Inexmoda and Tendencial research, you will understand the values, motivations, corporality, activities, behaviors, daily life and other elements that are part of the research findings.

Theory about consumer behavior

By: Juliana Peláez (Learn more here) and
Diana C. Múnera (Learn more here)

You will know the different external and internal factors that influence the behavior of the consumer and their consumption decisions, the bases for the field work that you will carry out. The information provided will revolve around: society, culture and subjectivity / needs and motivations / lifestyle / the body, the image and aesthetics / the decision-making process / foundations of ethnography.

renueva las estrategias de negocio

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