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As a brand of the Fashion System it is essential that you know the consumer that identifies with your brand, for this reason as Inexmoda we join together with Tendencial (research laboratory) and we visited four major cities in the country: Medellín, Bogotá, Cali and Barraquilla, where through qualitative research methodologies we made a search of the Colombian consumer, from its:


The findings obtained were 15 mental styles and four sensitivities that stand out in Colombia. An information that opens up a range of opportunities, such as discovering the appropriate way to generate an emotional, authentic and lasting connection with the consumer.

Each mental style has:

• A detailed analysis of the information obtained.
• Description of its characteristics through real images and descriptive texts.
• Collage of images of the consumers found.

What you get with Zoom to the Colombian consumer:

• Design brands, products and strategies more successful and with better communication.
• You will develop marketing initiatives for each one of them.
• You will find new opportunities and niche markets, allowing you
develop different commercial initiatives for each of them.
• You will locate the places where my consumer moves.
• You will know the consumer of the brand from their lifestyles.


Limited places!

The world is constantly evolving, provoking new consumption habits and changes in current consumer behavior.
A call for companies to reinvent themselves and adapt to the new needs of consumers, highlighted by being more demanding and knowledgeable.

With the Workshop you will discover and identify which is the consumer of your brand and others possibly potential, learning methodologies and research tools that will help you to have greater clarity in it.

The knowledge will be obtained from theoretical talks by experts with different disciplines, who will update you and open your mind from different perspectives; In addition, you will conduct workshops, exercises and field trips, in order to live a complete experience that puts into practice what you have learned.

The knowledge to deepen the consumer: </ strong>

1. Impact of macro trends on the global consumer.
2. Digital consumer.
3. Consumption generations.
4. Mental styles of the Colombian consumer.
5. Theory about consumer behavior.

zoom pieza

+ Experiential experience: field trip

From the methodologies Street vision, Coolhunting and ethnographic approaches , you will do practical exercises to associate the knowledge seen in the theory and apply them on the street. An activity to collect information.

+ Workshop: ABC to meet your consumer

Tools for three types of field activities will be designed, which will allow to raise information from various angles and triangulate them in the analysis workshop.

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