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You will meet Colombian consumers from 15 mental styles found in four major cities of the country. The study will show you, through qualitative research methodologies, values, motivations, activities, gestures, corporality, maps of mobility, social networks, brands, references and other elements that characterize them.


A dive with the consumer

Theoretical, practical and experiential experience

Experts from different areas will provide you with methodological tools to discover and identify the consumer of your brand and possibly other potential ones, knowledge that will be linked to: the mental styles of the Colombian consumer, the new generations of consumption and what is happening in the present with the digital consumer

–Limited places –

Wait for the dates of Workshop 2018 soon!

An investigation to
the measure of your consumer

According to you brand, in Inexmoda we accompany you through different facets to do specialized research not only to find or detect a specific problem, but also to verify, compare, monitor and evaluate if company strategies are focused on the target consumer .

Tailor-made research:

Understanding the needs of your organization, in Inexmoda we have specialized research for you not only to find or detect a specific problem, but also to verify, compare, monitor and evaluate if company strategies are focused on the target consumer.

This accompaniment will guide you in the future decision making, identifying opportunities or threats that must be treated in advance.

The research is carried out from different phases according to the focus, interest and scope of the organization, which is defined depending on the study requested.

What you achieve with a custom research:

* The benefits and objectives depend on the type of research you want to develop and the focus of it.

• Make strategic decisions based on real and not assumed information.
• Evaluate or verify if the current strategy of the company is consistent
with the target consumer.
• Use the information that the investigation throws
analyze and have an X-ray of what is the present of the brand
and how it can be projected.

Why focus on the consumer?
We share five factors:

1. Knowing you will give you the opportunity to generate products / services with relevant and valuable content for them.
2. Companies can lose large sums of money for not having it identified.
3. Investigating the consumer is not an expense but an investment that undoubtedly has a return.
4. To be successful, they must be offered what they really need or want, and not propose products that we believe are satisfied.

5. The Focus Group is a qualitative technique that is constantly used in commercial research, however, it is not the only tool or method to find solutions that will take you to know your consumer.
6. There are different research methods, but the success of their implementation is to know how to mix and complement them according to the client’s needs, designing methodologies created to their measure.

Three products that take you to Zoom your consumer so you can be closer to him.
Acquire it!

More information:
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Whatsapp: (+57) 321 808 29 58
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Whatsapp: (+57) 321 808 29 58

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