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It's time to innovate!

Fashion, an industry that evolves at every moment, where the center of the strategy must be the consumer, and where companies must work under three elements:

  • Business model structure: short life cycles for products.
  • Retail: last commercial and communication contact with who buys.
  • Go beyond: the product or service transcends aesthetics to meet the needs of the client in terms of benefits.

Welcome to the retail era!

In this high level managerial training program you can focus on retail, a component that, when well planned and executed, can transform your business by creating strategies that exceed consumer expectations.

The Retail Management Program + Experience Tour, will allow you to consider new challenges as a leading entrepreneur of the Fashion System as part of a rigorous academic agenda complemented by a tour in New York, the city that best exposes the new era of Fashion Retail.

Directed to: Managers, executives and business leaders responsible for the commercial and retail strategy, with consolidated experience in the sector.


What is retail?

This is the last contact that the brands have with those who consume a service or buy a product, taking into account that it contemplates various marketing or communication channels through which memorable experiences for consumers can be generated.

What solution do we present with this program?

One of the difficulties that entrepreneurs have is the definition of criteria to choose the marketing and communication channels of their company – retail-. We want to provide you with tools that facilitate this decision process, being clear about the difference between a multi-channel and omnichannel strategy.

As a solution, we offer:

  • Reveal the international vision of the sector
  • Structure knowledge based on case studies
  • Experience the speed with which the future must be faced
  • Find new opportunities in retail that allow you to build loyalty with your buyers


Inexmoda and EADA join their experience for the creation of this academic program, led by Alexis Mavrommattis, executive of the University of Cambridge (Sustainable Leadership) and Harvard Business School. PhD and MSc in Retail Management from the University of Stirling, United Kingdom.

Alexis has worked for the Carrefour group and as a Senior Consultant for JDV The Retail Company, developing innovative point-of-sale concepts for retailers and manufacturers such as Carrefour, P & G, Coca-Cola, Masterfoods and Enrosqué.

He teaches and researches in the areas of marketing, retailing, multichannel strategies, sustainability and entrepreneurship. He has participated in more than 70 academic and professional conferences, and in 2012 he obtained the 33rd position in the Business Professor ranking of the prestigious magazine “The Economist”. His last academic publication has been in the “European Journal of Marketing”, in relation to the decision making in the elimination of the product.

Alexis Mavrommatis, teacher of the program


Under the direction of Alexis Mavrommatis, accompanied by the team of Inexmoda, this program offers a five-day academic program, as well as a tour to visit different stores that account for successful commercial strategies and new business models worldwide.


Using the methodology of case study – Harvard Method, and accompanied by theoretical documents, as an assistant you should analyze different aspects that make up the consolidation of a strategy (5Cs): context, company, competition, channels and buyer. You will also study the choice of commercial formats through exercises for the implementation of the acquired knowledge.

Through a guided tour through different points of sale located in various sectors of New York, you can experience the proposals of brands in the sector in terms of retail, think about where the industry goes from the different types of fashion businesses: low cost, premium, chains, industrial shops, municipal markets, discount centers, among others.

tour ny

* For the proper development of the program, it is necessary to prepare the documents and cases of study delivered in advance, to support participation in class, the use of the sessions and the scope of the objectives set.



Review the importance of having a value proposition: attributes perceived by the client that become functional benefits and their positioning in the market.

beneficios vitrina

Structure an omnichannel strategy, with which your consumers obtain a fluid experience, whatever the point of contact you establish from your brand, unifying the purchase process.


Know the Customer centricity strategy, whose objective is to align the conceptualization, development and commercialization of the products and services of a brand.


Perform a Go to Market analysis to achieve competitive advantages that translate into sales linked to favorable purchases.


Analyze the Customer Journey Map, which seeks to align the external and internal vision of the client in the different stages of the interaction with the brand or product, putting itself in its place.


Día 1 : Retos del retail hoy

Duration: 8 Hours

In this session we look for:

  • Introduce concepts from the shopper marketing.
  • Analyze how competitive and strategic advantages can be built at the point of sale.
  • Introduce the marketing techniques in retail: the retail mix.
  • Knowing real practices such as: developing the business of design and exploitation of retail initiatives, both from the point of view of retailers and manufacturers.

Día 2 : Experience Tour

Duration: 10 Hours

The objective is to introduce the main challenges of retail. We hope throughout the program that you will be able to turn your experiences into management tools, and that they fit into a global action plan. This is the first step to make business decisions by analytical methods, and not only by the intuition that comes from the professional and vital experience of each person.

Designing the channel strategy

The purpose of this session is to master a method to draw up a strategy of channels / sales formats, to become familiar with the risks and complexities of diversifying formats competing with each other; know the opportunities offered by the different commercial channels, and determine what are the key factors in the development of a channel strategy project.

Día 3 : Shopper y Omnicanal

Duration: 8 Hours

The Omni-channel is already a reality, its exponential growth in recent years has meant a dynamic element in the retail sector. But far from considering E-Commerce as a “store” more, and even independent of physical distribution, the challenge we now have professionals in the sector is to manage multichannel to improve both the shopping experience, and to attract and retain customer loyalty. the clients.

This strategic exercise will be one of the keys of the different business models and one of the challenges that retailers must overcome successfully.

The objective of this session is to have a global vision of how the 21st century consumer has evolved based on technology, integrating the online and offline worlds within their purchasing process, understanding the brand as unique and as a integrated element of both worlds.

Día 4 : Experience tour y trabajo grupal

Duration: 8 Hours

  • Observation and discovery of real practical concepts. </ li>
  • Discovery and evaluation of points of sale during visits. </ li>
  • Create work teams to analyze the selected points of sale.


Día 5 : Presentación por equipos

Duration: 6 Hours

The closing of the program contemplates:

  • Presentation of the works.
  • The future of manufacturers, retailers and the digital economy.
  • Closing ceremony and delivery of final certificates.


"We have had a working relationship with Inexmoda for a long time. They were with us in the development of Neim, a new brand we developed from start to finish: its concept, its DNA, its portfolio, to opening of its stores."

Luis Javier Rodríguez
Vicepresident of Operations at Expofaro

"Inexmoda has been a strategic ally for us, contributing all of its knowledge for the consolidation and growth of Karibik, not only as a company but also as a brand concept."

Andrés Rojas
General Manager of Karibik

"From the beginning to the end of the program we grew more than 100% in efficiency, and we feel confident of remaining in time.  We took up our own brand again, restructured our business model highlighting quality, improved our delivery time, and now have greater workflow."

John Alexander Torres
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