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Fashion Snoops, inspiring
and creating…all in one place

Based in New York and established over 17 years ago, Fashion Snoops is the most innovative Trends Forecasting Company for its content and technology, focusing on offering inspiration and content to their Fashion System customers, and in this way becoming an extension of development and design teams.

Made up of a team of 50 experts and 100 international analysts, along with various members of the Inexmoda team, we will help you identify and act on trends and cultural movements that impact our industry.


Fashion Snoops - Inexmoda Colombiatex de las Américas 2018

Develop products for each season ahead of time


Find out about the following categories:

Lingerie and Swimwear
Visual Merchandising and boutiques
Commercial trade shows of the world
Culture and lifestyle
Children’s – all generations

You will be able to do the following:

human nature

Access research in real time

Receive weekly reports on future trends and updates on cultural changes: useful tools for permanent creation of products.

Discover trends through a dynamic map

We will show you where trends begin, what effects they have, and how they are projected to impact the future…all this so you can create your designs with confidence and assurance.

colores inspiración

Follow trends from culture (the beginning point) to the final product

We analyze fashion, lifestyles, consumer analysis, art, technology, and other cultural influences for you, to aid you in identifying trends that are yet to come.   

Discover a creative platform for developing projects

On Fashion Snoops you can customize the contents and fabricate your own projects, make storyboards and presentations, expediting design through a dynamic construction process of palettes and color combinations, besides accessing Pinterest files and doing teamwork online.

Visually captivate clients with your fashion concepts

Share your creations with your colleagues, customers, vendors, and buyers.  They can edit your proposals and give you feedback, turning this into an exercise of co-creation.  

mood board inspiración

Establish customized tools

According to your interests or those of your company, you can choose from various options such as a bulletin from us where you define what information you wish to receive, aiming at complementing your creations.  

Enter the graphic library

You will find more than 35,000 images to download and apply.
All of these are free for use.

Businesses that use Fashion Snoops


Inexmoda Research and Innovation Lab Team,
for inspiring and linking you to Fashion Snoops:

Lorenzo Velásquez
Researsh & Innovation Lab Director

Maite Cantero
Researsh & Innovation
Lab Coordinator

Sebastián Valencia
Knowledge Leader

Luisa Henao
Fashion Analyst

Sara Londoño
Fashion Analyst

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Whatsapp: (+57) 321 808 29 58

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