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Through productive linking we encourage comprehensive work between anchor companies and suppliers, aiming to increase productivity, and create sustainable relationships and progressive growth over time.


  • Increased productivity
  • Improved response times of product delivery
  • Improved quality of operational processes
  • Networking with anchor Company and suppliers
  • Increased participation in training, trade show, and conference activities
  • Customized assistance in productivity
  • Waste and reprocessing decrease




Change management


Human talent management and methods engineering


Standarization and strengthening of productive process


Cost and quality management

This project began in 2013 by initiative of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism in alliance with Inexmoda. During the course of these five years, and thanks to other associated allies such as the City of Medellín, the City of Bogotá, and the European Union, 435 players in the apparel industry of the country have been transformed. This has brought about an average increase in productivity of 40% for the entrepreneurs involved, reducing their delivery response time to up to 19%, and increasing their sales by 28%.


During 2017, the European Union, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and Inexmoda invested in innovation and in the training of the talent of the textile-clothing sector companies in Tolima and Norte de Santander, improving the competitiveness and productivity of the industry with the Formal Productive Chains project, these are the results of this investment, which ratifies the power of training and technology within companies.


Other enterprises

Casos de éxito


“We have had a working relationship with Inexmoda for a long time. They were with us in the development of Neim, a new brand we developed from start to finish: its concept, its DNA, its portfolio, to opening of its stores.”

Luis Javier Rodríguez
Vicepresident of Operations at Expofaro

“Inexmoda has been a strategic ally for us, contributing all of its knowledge for the consolidation and growth of Karibik, not only as a company but also as a brand concept.”

Andrés Rojas
General Manager of Karibik

“From the beginning to the end of the program we grew more than 100% in efficiency, and we feel confident of remaining in time.  We took up our own brand again, restructured our business model highlighting quality, improved our delivery time, and now have greater workflow.”

John Alexander Torres
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