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CREO Consulting and Inexmoda working together to identify and select the best of new Colombian talent: brands that have exemplary talent, internationalization potential, and vision for growth.

The selected brands will be accompanied in regards to essential fashion themes, culminating in their participation at a Colombiamoda 2019, Showroom, a place where they will present their collections to a list of hand-picked international buyers and publishers.

The program seeks to equip its participants with the necessary tools to develop and present a compelling ‘RESORT 2020‘ collection with great commercial potential.

For what are we looking?

We are looking to select the best of Colombian design to enhance its creators’ capabilities and support them in adapting their product to the demands of the global market, thereby entering or expanding their growth in the most select international fashion markets.

To whom is this project directed?

The best 12 Colombian designers who are passionate and desire to participate, who are intentional and show sales potential for international markets, who have clear brand value and business proposition, as well as a unique, distinctive, and commercial product, will be chosen

How can you participate?


CREO Consulting and
Inexmoda will make
a pre-selection of
designers that meet
the requirements for
participating in the project.
Selection Criteria


designers must
fill out a form
providing the
information needed
for choosing
the finalists.


Of these designers,
the selection committee
will choose 12 who
demonstrate exemplary
talent, projection,
and international vision.

*You have untill December 3rd to fill out the form.



Selection and Training Program of 12 finalists

September 24 – December 3, 2018
Announcement of 12 designers:
Training program:
March through May, 2019

12 brands with high potential will be selected to enter a training program from March through May of 2019. They will have the possibility to participate in master lectures and workshops led by recognized fashion industry professionals.


Los Creadores Showroom and Winning Talent

Colombiamoda 2019 (july 23 – july 25, 2019)

The twelve brands will present their ‘RESORT 2020´ collection in the LOS CREADORES showroom, in Medellin, Colombia during Colombiamoda in June, 2019. LOS CREADORES will create a one-of-a-kind experience for top international buyers and editors in order to discover the talent and potential of these Colombian brands.


Mentorship program and Los Creadores Paris Showroom

Mentorship announcement: defining
Mentorship program:/strong> Second term 2019
Showroom Paris Fashion Week: 2020

The three brands that best perform in the showroom will have a one-on-one mentorship program with an industry leader for the duration of 2019. This will allow the three designers to work with a professional on the needs that are specific to their own brand, personal growth and the development of their business.

The three designers will have the opportunity to participate in the CREO Consulting Paris Fashion Week showroom, where they will be able to showcase the collection they developed with their mentors.

Selection Criteria

Registration available until December 3rd 2018

The Creators is the first edition of a program, which aims to identify the best of the next generation of Colombian designers.

Designers will undergo a rigorous application process, to find people with the most potential under the following selection criteria:

  • Colombian citizenship
  • Brand Identity, know-how or added value linked to Colombia
  • Integrate sustainability or social responsibility in brand identity or products
  • Have a viable business plan and strategic vision for their brand
  • Have developed a minimum of two collections
  • Have begun to establish a team (min. 2 people)
  • Minimum annual sales of 34.500 USD (100 million COP)
  • Have a production capacity to meet the needs of large scale retailers (min.100 units per collection overall)
  • Have a design proposal with originality and potential
  • Have a established relationship with influencers and tangible activity on social networks
  • Interest in expanding the international market and willingness to participate
  • Premium or luxury price point: a minimum retail price of 90 USD for accessories, 250 USD for ready to wear
  • Commercial Registrations (RUT and Chamber of Commerce no less than one year. If the designer lives outside Colombia must provide the equivalent documents of the country of residence)

*The program can have variable requirements:

The designers who apply must agree to invest their time and specific resources into the program, in order to make the most out of this experience.:

  • Shipment expenses::
    1. When submitting your application: The designer must be willing and capable to pay for the shipping of garments to, and from the location where the selection committee will meet. Address to be confirmed.
    2. If selected to join the program: The designer must be willing and capable to pay for international shipping of their garments to showrooms in other countries.
  • Development of a new lookbook: Be willing and capable to invest in the production and development of a new lookbook featuring the new collection, which follows the mentorship and guidance of the panel of experts of Los Creadores.
  • Travel expenses: Be willing and capable to pay the travel expenses required to, and from the mentorship program if necessary.
logos creadores heather eng
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