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New Headquarters Inexmoda Tower

Discover our new headquarters, the Inexmoda Tower, the place that vibrates with the Fashion System

Since 1987, Inexmoda has been the house for different generations that have grown both personaly and professionaly during it’s process. 30 years of history make us the Institute with knowledge, connection and transformation of the Fashion System in our country.

In Inexmoda, we understand that building successful business models around the Fashion System, as in all industries, requires of a prospective sight that allows building future, a vision from different angles that helps to see all edges and faces of the environment, and a perspective that studies all actors and contexts that affect businesses.

As Inexmoda, we renew ourselves so the actors for the Fashion System can participate in the place that connects knowledge and makes the Fashion System vibrate

You cand now find us at the Inexmoda Tower – Floor 15
(Cra 43 No. 9 Sur 195)

Inexmoda Tower, a space to connect our selves and keep transforming the Colombian industry

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